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Rotary Club donation helps fund Ag Adventure

A recent donation from the Rotary Club of Fort Collins Satellite will provide enough support to pay for busing for nearly one half of all elementary students and teachers who will participate in Ag Adventure next September.

REDI offers webinar on rural economic development

On Jan. 8, 2018, the Colorado Trust hosted a webinar on rural economic development. “Connecting Rural Colorado Communities with Emerging Market Dynamics, State Initiatives, and Opportunities to Think and Collaborate Regionally” featured Stephan Weiler, Dept of Economics, Dawn Thilmany and Becca Jablonski, Dept of Agricultural and Resource Economics.

New Faces

Mahesh Nair - Assistant Professor of Animal Sciences

Professor Nair's research utilizes proteomic tools to elucidate the biochemical and molecular basis of fresh meat quality. His other research interest include postmortem meat biochemistry, role of mitochondria in meat quality, myoglobin and lipid oxidation. In his current role, he will be continuing his research in meat quality and will be developing new courses in the area of meat science.

Lily Edwards-Callaway - Assistant Professor of Animal Sciences

Professor Edwards-Callaway focuses on livestock behavior and welfare. She will develop and teach new course offerings in the area of food animal behavior and welfare, conducting research and advising the Animal Welfare Judging Team. Before joining CSU, she served as an assistant professor at Kansas State University and director of animal welfare at JBS.

Jude Bayham - Assistant Professor of Ag and Resource Economics

Professor Bayham's research interests lie at the intersection of public policy, human health, and the natural environment. He studies a wide range of topics including: the valuation of natural capital, the economics of wildfire management, the impact of human behavior on infectious disease transmission.


Soil and Crop Sciences Special Seminar Feb. 9

CMU Professor Gregory V. Lowry will discuss how incomplete understanding of how a nanomaterial’s properties control its activity, fate, and bioavailability in agricultural systems hinders development of novel applications, e.g. agrochemical delivery.

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