CDW to lead discussion on IoT

Global technology hardware vendor, CDW, will be on campus tomorrow in Animal Sciences to discuss IoT (Internet of Things – sensors and data collection) uses.  We’ve asked the for Animal Scientists to provide us some questions to create a focused and engaged conversation.

Time 12 – 2 with a purposeful break at 1 to allow some to leave for class


  • 15 minute overview of IoT to the edge with an emphasis on problems that animal scientists/ranchers face such as connectivity over large open spaces, measuring animal physical characteristics and health remotely.
  • The rest of time spent on the following questions:
  • Track the health of cattle and feed management remotely.  Think Fitbit for livestock.  Presently, this is a labor intensive/costly activity in which cattle are handled individually.
  • Track each animal from origin to store for food safety and quality.
  • Single point sensors in remote areas: Determine whether water is available for grazing operations in several locations on a large ranch.
  • Use of LoRa to extend connectivity to sensors over large remote areas: locate specific grazing animals

We will stream the video from the link below.

** If there is a topic/vendor/speaker that you would like to see on campus for your department or the college, let me know.


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