Clients wanted for Landscape Design and Contracting students in the CSU community

Students in the Landscape Design and Contracting program are seeking clients in the Colorado State University community and beyond to partner with them on projects for their capstone course.

The project is geared to benefit both students in the program and community members, because students will get real-world experience to prepare landscape plans using all previous course work in their discipline to produce landscape plans. Throughout the project students will work with their professor who will oversee and evaluate each project.

Sample landscape design drawn by students
Sample of CSU students past work for clients in the community. (Click to enlarge)

Looking for partners

For several decades, the nationally recognized CSU Landscape Design and Contracting students have partnered with members of the community to complete designs of all scales. Students are prepared to meet with clients to formulate plans to be completed by the clients or by their landscape contractors.

Projects will be broken into two categories. Those expected to be smaller than 10,000 square feet or smaller will have a fee of $350. Those bigger that 10,000 square feet will have a fee of $600.

Project fees

The fees associated with the projects help students travel to the National Collegiate Landscape Competition each year, where they have the opportunity to meet with professionals in the field and secure internships or jobs after graduation.

How can I get in contact with students?

Projects need to be completed by the end of finals week in May. Questions or interest in hiring students for work about can be directed to Zachary Johnson, the professor supervising the students.