CSU’s 2020 Nutrien Ag Day Barbecue to go virtual on Sept. 19

Since 1981, Ag Day has been a tradition that celebrates Colorado agriculture as well as Colorado State University’s heritage as a leading agricultural research, education, and outreach institution. This year, however, that tradition will look slightly different when the Nutrien Ag Day Barbecue takes place on Saturday, Sept. 19. With the ongoing global pandemic, the College of Agricultural Sciences is pivoting to a virtual experience.

Despite the departure from CSU’s intramural fields for deliciously prepared food and fellowship, the college hopes faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends will still participate by engaging with provided content or creating their own at-home observances and sharing their experiences on social media for a united virtual celebration.

“While we cannot gather in person, we hope you will participate through various virtual and at-home opportunities or by supporting local food banks and food access relief efforts in your area,” said James Pritchett, dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Taking the Nutrien Ag Day Barbecue online

In order to get into the spirit, the college has devised a four-step plan to celebrating the day: learning the history behind Ag Day; sharing your Ag Day celebration online; supporting students by donating to Ag Day Scholarships which the traditional event typically supports; and, of course, enjoying some great food at home.

To support your at-home experience, the college devised a Nutrien Ag Day Barbecue Guidebook for an At-Home Agricultural Celebration, which contains print-at-home decorations and photo props that include fun food and agriculture puns, such as “This party is a-maize-ing!”

The guidebook also features a host of recipes, including Rocky Mountain grilled T-bone steak, ground pork brat burgers, melon salsa, campfire beans, and desserts such as chocolate Bundt cake and banana orange muffins, and much more.

In addition, the guidebook includes information about our agricultural partners who make Ag Day possible, Colorado agriculture facts and figures, and recognition of the College’s strategic partnership with Nutrien.

Share your experience online

Throughout the week of Sept. 14, the College is planning to share daily content on its social channels to celebrate Colorado agriculture, and is hoping you will join in on Sept. 19 through at-home celebrations. Throughout the day, Nutrien Ag Day Barbecue participants are encouraged to wear Aggie orange and share photos on social platforms by tagging @ColoradoStateU and @CSUAgSci or using hashtags #NutrienAgDay #GetYourOrangeOn #ProudToBe #CSURams and #ComeToTheTable.

For more information about the event, and to download the free guidebook visit the Ag Day page at agday.agsci.colostate.edu.