Dean Pritchett: ‘Welcome to Colorado State University’

We in the College of Agricultural Sciences couldn’t be more excited to welcome you to Colorado State University this fall. Together, we’ll be embarking on a new and unprecedented adventure. Things will be different, and we will prosper. At the core of who we are, we are resilient, we are tough, and we stick together. After all, we’re family.

As you approach this academic year, you’ll find new resources around each corner and laptop screen. We’ve been anticipating your arrival and are ready to support you as you grow academically and professionally. You’ll be greeted with hands-on experiences, lasting relationships, and renowned educational approaches.


James Pritchett is dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Your journey will fruitful and your journey will be uniquely designed for you so that you can become leaders and go out into the world to make an impact on our global agricultural landscape.

This year, we invite you to have a seat at our table. Please bring your ideas, be a change-maker, and pull out a chair for someone else to take a seat. We’re waiting for you.


Go Aggies!


James Pritchett

Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences