FFA students test their ag skills during the Colorado Career Development Events at CSU

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Approximately 1,500 FFA students from around the state competed in the Colorado FFA Career Development Events, hosted over the course of two days at Colorado State University in early May.

The FFA CDEs are contests in which participating FFA members in grades 7 to 12 test their skills learned through agricultural education instruction.

Events test competencies across a range of topics such as employment skills, floriculture, technical and mechanical systems, livestock judging and milk quality and product judging. During the events, students are challenged to develop critical thinking skills, foster teamwork and promote communication while recognizing the value of ethical competition and individual achievement.

Kenzie Matarozzo, an alumna of the Colorado FFA Plateau Valley chapter, was one of the many CSU students volunteering their time to facilitate the day’s events. She is studying equine science and agricultural education.

“FFA has a large part of my heart,” said Matarozzo, who served as the emcee for the horse judging contests at the B.W. Pickett Arena. “I actually competed in this exact contest when I was in high school, so it’s special to me. I wanted to come offer my expertise and help out.”

State Winners

Career Development Events occur at the local, state and national levels. The 2022 National FFA Convention and Expo will take place October 26-29.

Contest: Agricultural Mechanics

  • State Winning Team: Arickaree
  • State Winning Individual: Tate Schrock – Arickaree

Contest: Agricultural Sales

  • State Winning Team: Crowley County
  • State Winning Individual: Cody Acre – Calhan

Contest: Dairy Cattle Judging

  • State Winning Team: Cedaredge
  • State Winning Individual: Katherine Hirsch – Severance

Contest: Employment

  • State Winning Individual: Ryer Roberts – Fruita

Contest: Farm Business Management

  • State Winning Team: New Raymer
  • State Winning Individual: Braden Wedel – Stratton

Contest: Field Crops

  • State Winning Team: Flagler
  • State Winning Individual: Kacee Saffer – Flagler

Contest: Floriculture

  • State Winning Team: Cedaredge
  • State Winning Individual: Nikolette Mckinney – Cedaredge

Contest: Food Science & Technology

  • State Winning Team: Plateau Valley
  • State Winning Individual: Jewelie Wiltse – Plateau Valley

Contest: Horse Judging

  • State Winning Team: Eaton
  • State Winning Individual: Lily Thomas – St Vrain Valley

Contest: Land Judging

  • State Winning Team: Lone Star
  • State Winning Individual: Grant Kuntz – Lone Star

Contest: Livestock Judging

  • State Winning Team: Soroco
  • State Winning Individual: Brooke Plumb – Haxtun

Contest: Meats Evaluation

  • State Winning Team: Branson
  • State Winning Individual: Emma Amato – Branson

Contest: Milk Quality & Products

  • State Winning Team: Platte Valley
  • State Winning Individual: Jacob Anderson – Cedaredge

Contest: Vet Science

  • State Winning Team: Rifle
  • State Winning Individual: Brock Doherty – Branson