Yee-haw, little Rammies: Sights and sounds from CSU Day at the National Western Stock Show

Colorado State University Day at the 2023 National Western Stock Show. Photos by John Eisele/CSU Photography

From Colorado State University student Tim Costello kicking off the rodeo with the National Anthem, to learning more about where our food comes from at Ag Adventure, to a special appearance by CAM the Ram at the Hall of Education, CSU Day at the National Western Stock Show was filled with a variety of sights and sounds.

CSU has been a partner of the Stock Show since it was first established in 1906. The annual CSU Day celebrates that history and the ties that both institutions share to education and agriculture.

The following photos and audio clips showcase some of the highlights of CSU Day and the National Western Stock Show. The final day of the Stock Show is Sunday, Jan. 22. Tickets are still available.

We caught up with one CSU family that came out to meet CAM the Ram and do some mutton busting — and got them to sing the CSU Fight Song for us.

After exploring CSU’s Ag Adventure and reciting the pledge, participants are named Junior Ag Ambassadors.

CSU student Tim Costello sings the National Anthem before the CSU Day Rodeo